Lions Tales, March 2012

Volume 3, Issue 3                 March, 2012

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE             Ted Blevins

As I lie here in my hospital bed in March, I am thinking of what the words “we serve” really mean. Most of us think that service only extends outside the club to activities like collecting eyeglasses, kid site, 9 health fair, diabetes, sight committee, speech contest, and Lions camp but it is just as important to serve inside our club.

I am reminded of the recent efforts to help Paul Telleen during his illness, schedules to help Tanya get to her dialysis and eventually thru her kidney transplant. And, more recently to those who have helped me personally. Dan Fahrlander and Reid Jacob are putting together a team to install railings on the outside of my house and the inside of my garage to help me negotiate steps safely. Wayne Crownhart has donated some equipment that I will need around the house and Cathy Hutchinson has created some unbelievably beautiful cards. I have heard from many of you through phone messages. I know I have a whole new band of brothers and sisters.

I will be in and out of chemotherapy until the end of June, so I probably won’t see much of you until after that. I know David will continue to do a fine job leading meetings and keeping things entertaining. Meanwhile, you are in my thoughts and please keep me in your prayers.

Each day is a blessing, so take advantage of each and every one.



Victor Meline

President of Fort Collins Lions Club

1974 – 1975

Forty – five Years a Lion


Nineteen seventy four, that’s 38 years ago. My, time sure flies when you’re having fun! IT’S GREAT TO BE A LION!

July, 1974 found the Fort Collins Lions Club still meeting at the Salvation Army. Reviewing the records, I found that we were doing many of the same things we’re doing today only fewer dollars were generated to help support our many objectives.

The Club raised over $10,000 from Broom and Bulb sales, $759 from the Kettle Drive for the Salvation Army and $925 collected from a garage sale. With some of this money, the Club purchased a Braille typewriter and sent $100 to Honduras for disaster relief.

Our Club also celebrated its 55th Anniversary, no party; it was just announced at our regular meeting. Fifty-five + 38 that’s 93 years. Could I be blessed to be around to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our Club?

So much for fund raisers to support our objectives! WE SERVE. I found the main difference between our Club today and the Fort Collins Lions Club 1974-1975 was membership and attendance at meetings. Our Club then had 102 members and attendance at meetings was 80 plus!

The membership was made up of judges, farmers, tradesmen, barbers, business men, college professors, lawyers and everyone in between.

Let’s start working harder on membership now!



Tom Toliver

President of Fort Collins Lions Club

1978 – 1979

Forty – eight Years a Lion

It is difficult for me to remember very much about the year I was president…and also served as the Zone Chairman in our area…but there were three events that I won’t forget.

Shortly after I was installed as President, I was informed that our Lions Club would have to move out of our meeting place, “The Red Shield Room” on Linden Street that was owned by the Salvation Army. As I remember, they had sold the building. The Noon Kiwanis Club met there on Tuesday noon and the Rotary Club met there on Wednesday noon. A few members of each club met together quite often to try to find a new place to meet. All three clubs were fairly large so we needed a large room as a meeting place.

At that time in Fort Collins there were not many of the large hotels or restaurants that we now have. Most of the service clubs in Fort Collins had donated money to the City for the new “Lincoln Community” building which was almost finished. The Columbine West room and kitchen were both complete and the Lincoln Center was anxious to have the new building used. All three service clubs decided to use the Lincoln Center and the same caterer. This worked out for several years until the Lincoln Center started to increase the price of the use of the rooms every year and made some restrictions on the caterers and we were forced to find a new location to meet.

The second unusual event involving our Lions Club was started by the Swink Lions Club in the southeastern part of Colorado. As a way to help raise money for the Colorado Lions Camp for the Handicapped, a member of the Swink Lions Club had donated a fairly large goat. They gave the goat a name, “Billy G. Oates”, and provided membership papers for their club. Their plan was to take the goat to another Lions Club and transfer him as a member of that club. This club was then required to donate $100.00 to the Camp and transport and transfer the goat to yet another Lions Club!

We had no inkling about this program until about March or April when the Estes Park Lions Club got us involved. Just as we started the meeting some members of the Estes Park Club brought the goat into the Red Shield room and presented us with his transfer papers. This was the first that we learned about “Billy G. Oates”. I kept him over the weekend so we could transfer him to the Poudre Valley Lions Club the following Tuesday morning. I called my son and asked him to bring a pick-up to take the goat to our house and put him in the dog pen. Our youngest daughter had a lot of fun taking the goat around our property to let him eat the long grass in some areas. We donated the $100 to the Camp and took Billy to the Poudre Valley Breakfast Club as planned.

The third event was our sponsoring the Fort Collins Lioness Club. This was a fairly new event in the world of Lionism. This new Club had wives from all three Fort Collins men’s clubs as members along with some women who were not connected at all with Lions Clubs. They had their own projects and the two clubs would help each other on some projects.

The day of our annual Christmas party, Fort Collins received two feet of snow. It was a beautiful sight because there was no wind and the city had cleared the roads. The Country Club was beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. We had only one couple that did not attend the event. Lee Effner served as the chairman of the Christmas Party committee.

Being president of the Fort Collins Lions Club and Zone Chairman qualified me to run for offices on other levels. PDG Fred Friedrich encouraged me to run for District Governor and I was selected as the Chairman of the Colorado Lions State Council of Governors. Then a number of Lions from our club, other Colorado clubs and Clubs around the country encouraged me to run for the office of Director on the International Board. All of these activities were very interesting and great experiences that I would not have had if the members of the Fort Collins Lions Club had not elected me president of the club and provided great support to try for the other offices.



Election of officers is coming soon…are you a candidate?