Lions Tales, March 2014

President’s Message

I think all Lions are very proud of our motto: “We Serve.”

Often, that means service to just one or two individuals, and sometimes it means service to hundreds or thousands. Two good examples of the latter are Ensight, which has served over 50,000 individuals since it was founded in 2001, and the 9Health Fair, which last year alone served some 1,852 individuals in the Fort Collins area!

9Health Fair is Colorado’s largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health fair and education program—in some 140 locations in Colorado and adjoining states.

This will be 9Health Fair’s 35th year, and the Fort Collins Lions have been leading the event in Fort Collins that entire time!

This year, the Fort Collins’ 9Health Fair will be on April 25th and 26th at the Christ Center Community Church, 2700 South Lemay. And once again, the Fort Collins Lions will be the leaders and enablers of this remarkable community service event.

I am so proud of Lions! Our Club typically provides an astonishing 35 to 40 volunteers to lead and run the event. That includes being THE leader—the Site Coordinator for Fort Collins. In the long line of Lions leaders, Lion Carole Kitchell has been the Site Coordinator for the event for the past 5 years.

I am “shadowing” Carole this year and will take over from her as the Site Coordinator for future 9Health Fairs in Fort Collins. I’ve learned that the Fort Collins event has the reputation of being one of the best-run in our state.

Lions volunteers are crucial to this effort. Please join your fellow Lions by volunteering to help with anything from set-up, to cashier, to directing participants to the various tests. You can register on-line to be a participant and/or a volunteer at Or you can call Lion Carole at 484-9012.

Incidentally, see elsewhere in this issue for details how you, as a volunteer, can get a 20 percent discount for 9Health Fair tests and services.

Clearly, the Fort Collins 9Health Fair is one of our Club’s finest services to our citizens, and we should work hard to continue leading this remarkable event.

See you at the Fair!
President, Doug Hutchinson

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I wanted to remind everyone that I am collecting Campbell’s Labels for the Lions Camp in Woodland Park. If you need a list of the products that have the labels on them, go to the Labels for Education website. The labels are not just on food products, but other products as well, such as some magazines, pens, popcorn, and more. The camp really appreciates our help as this helps them get their craft supplies and some office supplies. The camp also collects gently used stuffed animals. Each camper gets one when they arrive. Tee shirts that are in good condition are also needed. They must be plain or have appropriate pictures or sayings on them. The camp is also in need of children’s videos, DVD’s, movies and games. Thank you for your help. If anyone has any questions, please see me.

Faye Lockner
Camp Co-chairman

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New Members Inducted into Club

2014 March 13 New member induction
Sponsor, Wanda Groenendale with Luetta Ver Straeten
Lois Johnson with sponsor, Alan Beatty
Sponsor, Bob Kitchell, with Darell Zimbelman

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Upcoming Program Schedule

April 3 – Poudre Fire Authority/PVH “Remembering When” program on falls.

April 10 – Kathi Wright, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County

April 17 – Kathy Anderson, Community Outreach Coordinator Hospice Pathways

April 24 – United Way

We have a great line up of programs! Please remember to invite guests you think might be interested in joining our club to lunch. If they are a potential member, there is no charge to you.

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Sight Committee Happenings

The Sight Committee interviews over 50 clients each month. We meet at the First United Methodist Church on the third Thursday of each month from 2:00-3:30 PM. All of our clients must call 377-2282 and leave us a message and we return their call. We receive over 200 calls a month; it can take several months to get in. The committee only services Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington and LaPorte. Residents from other areas must contact their nearest Lions club for help. I do have contacts for several of the local clubs and give them out to the clients that live in other areas. Each client must bring a $5 cash co-pay, photo ID, and proof of income.  They must have all three of these or we can’t help them. They are then interviewed by members of our team to make sure we have correct information and that their address is within the area we serve. When they qualify, they are given a voucher for what they need – sometimes it is both exam and glasses and other times it is just glasses as they have been able to get an exam through insurance or other aid.

A client is allowed to come once every two years. We have a data base that we use to verify when the client was last seen. If a client has diabetes or some other eye condition, they are allowed to come every year, but must have a letter from their doctor on his/her letterhead. We no longer accept walk-ins as this has created some problems.

If any other Lions members would like to help out, we would be happy to have your assistance. Any Lion is always welcome to attend and observe what we do.

Lion Faye Locker
Sight Committee Chairperson

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20% Off Sale – 9Health Fair 

The 9Health Fair (9HF) recognizes the importance of our wonderful volunteers and is offering a 20% discount on any and all blood work and colorectal kits to all 9HF volunteers.

To register for this discount you must do several things:

  1. Register on-line at  as a volunteer at your local 9HF.  Follow the prompts.   A discount code will automatically be entered for you. 
  1. Register On-line at as a participant at our Fort Collins fair.  Follow the prompts.  Toward the end of the registration
    process, you will see a box labeled “coupon code.”  The code they are asking for is   ThankYouVol14.    Please enter this code as it signifies your eligibility for the discount. Registering on-line requires that you pay for your tests via credit card.  (This will take into account your 20% discount). 
  • Prior to the 9HF, you will receive your registration form in the mail with your discount applied.  PLEASE BRING IT TO THE 9HF and present it at the “ON LINE REGISTRATION” table. 
  • This discount is available to ALL who have given 1 hour or more of time as a volunteer in any capacity to 9HF in 2014. 
  • On-line registration closes at 9PM, April 23 for the Fort Collins Fair.  No discounts will be available at the 9HF. 
  • You MUST register on-line to receive this discount.  Cashiers cannot give DISCOUNTS at the 9HF. 

If you have any questions about this, please ask Carole Kitchell, Site Coordinator.

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2014 March Crossword puzzle

1. Current Club President (2 words)

3. Location of the 2014 International Lions Convention (2 words)

4. The sight conservation committee interviews over ___ people every month.

6. Serves anyone having difficulty with activities of daily living related to vision loss

7. Name given to members who have been in the club for at least 10 years. (2 words)

9. Our largest fundraising activity

12. They promote harmony, good fellowship, and enthusiasm in the meetings (2 words)

13. Location of the Colorado Lions Camp (2 words)

14. Name of our club’s newsletter (2 words)

15. 9 Health Fair Site Coordinator (2 words)


2. Awarded to a person of “substantial humanitarian accomplishment.”(2 words)

5. Program that provides vision screenings for young children

8. Our Bingo Czar (2 words)

10. Lions Club motto (2 words)

11. Coordinator of the Speech Contest (2 words)