Lions Tales, August 2014

President’s Message

Invite A Guest  by David Lambertson

Giving is loving
And loving is giving
If what you are giving
Comes straight from the heart.

When asked to do it
Of course we can do it!
But we only can
When all do their part.

For some it’s Bingo.
For others 9 Health Fair
Kidsight or Glasses.
What else can we start?

No matter which club
Which organization
Workers are needed
So let’s all be smart.

Talk to our neighbors!
Tell them what Lions do.
Are their hearts open?
Are they just like you?

Do they have reason
To help people who need?
Need to see better
Or learn how to read?

Do they have vision?
Have a talent to lead?
Invite them to lunch
And plant a small seed.

People need causes!
Something bigger than “I”.
Belonging becomes
Its own reason why.

Fulfillment becomes
Normal daily routine.
Working to help the
Less fortunate guy.

I often ponder
What exactly I’d do…
Who I’d be helping,
Alone, without you,

Truth is, alone I’d
Be missing my chances
To thank God with work-
And with finances.

I was invited
Once, twice, then a third.
I met some new friends
And then joined the herd.

I joined for reasons
That were crucial to me.
We all have reasons!
What might YOUR guests’ be?

I had two parents,
A fortunate childhood.
We always had clothes
And shelter and food.

I needed glasses
At age ten in fourth grade:
Simply provided
With money Dad made.

Blindness struck Grandma
When I was a youngster.
Lions’ books on records
Were priceless to her.

Guests have their pasts,
And perhaps THEY know why
THEY need our Lions club
Just like you and I.

Maybe they’re grateful.
Maybe they’re willing, too!
They need the format
To give, just like you!

Maybe they hunger
For friendship and fellows.
Given a small taste,
That hunger, it grows.

Invite them to meetings.
And invite them again!
Then let THEM decide…
Is it right for them?

They may join Lions Club
For service, or for lunch.
Or maybe for us!
(We are a fun bunch!)

All of the people
Who ever joined our ranks
Have one of our group
To whom they owe thanks.

They were invited
One or two times or three.
They had some chances
To learn and to see

Why and how we serve,
All the ways that we bless
The less fortunate.
And then they said, “Yes!”

Young children need us,
And the poor need us too.
The aged, the blind,
And neighborhoods do.

The world also needs
Relief that Lions clubs do:
Earthquakes, tsunamis,
And illnesses, too.

All these need people!
Volunteers on the ground!
And it all takes money.
Where can it be found?

New members help us
And they lighten the load.
More hands make light work!
Let’s head down that road.
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Pancake Breakfast at Library Park

On Saturday, August 23, ten Lions cooked and served pancakes for 175 hungry readers at Library Park. The breakfast was a prize for young readers who spent at least 100 hours reading this summer.  Many thanks go to Lions Edna Chavez, Dale Edwards, Dan Fahrlander, Bill Funke, Rusty Holsten, David Lambertson, Faye Lockner, Ron Lockner, Irene Toliver, and Jim Trupp who made this event possible!

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Recent Programs

Our club was treated to a medley of folk string music presented by students, Grace Kuch and Sammy Davison, from Laurel Grade School.

Chad Fisher, instructor, Grace Kuch, mandolin, Sammy Davison, fiddle, and Lydia Demi-Smith, instructor
Chad Fisher, instructor, Grace Kuch, mandolin, Sammy Davison, fiddle,
and Lydia Demi-Smith, instructor

Bob Gann, Fire Chief of the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, presented a program about the High Park fire and the fire-fighting role played by that volunteer fire department.

Bill Gann
Bill Gann

Mac McGoldrick from CSU’s Energy Institute/Power House Campus presented a program on their partnership with Shell Oil and the development of Envirofit International, one of the largest improved cookstove companies in the world, out of one of the Energy Institute laboratories.

Mac McGoldrick
Mac McGoldrick


Upcoming Programs

September 4  Treloar Bower will speak to us about the Lindenmeier site, about 25 – 30 miles north of Fort Collins, where Folsom-era Paleo-Indians lived some 10,700 years ago.

September 11 Lion Ron Lockner will review the 2014 International Convention and comment on our new LCI President Joe Preston.
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Lions Club Picnic

Despite the rainy weather, about 60 members and guests attended the Annual Picnic held at Fossil Creek Park on August 21. Musical entertainment provided by Lions Carrie Graves and Alan Beatty fed our souls, while barbeque from Nordy’s and the wonderful potluck sides and desserts provided by members fed our bodies! For those who stayed to the very end, we were enjoyed a beautiful double rainbow! Special thanks go to Alex Chapman and the Picnic Committee for organizing a great evening.