Lions Tales, July/August, 2018

President’s Message

What a great few months the Fort Collins Lions have had. Operation Newbies is off to a fine start!! We have already installed five new members since March, but we can’t rest on our laurels. It’s up to every member of the “FC Pride” to grow our membership; so invite that neighbor, invite that friend, invite that business colleague, to one of our meetings, to one of our Meet & Greets, to a pancake breakfast, to Bingo, or any of our activities. They won’t know how much fun it is to be a Fort Collins Lion unless we show them.

The Meet &Greets (thanks Lion John) have gone well and thanks to the members who are bringing prospective members! We had a great Fort Collins Chamber Reception in July! It was well attended and thanks to Lions Dale, Melody and Rachel (and our two Lion Cubs in training), news of the good work we do has gotten out to quite a few Fort Collins residents and businesses! Our pancake breakfasts this summer have helped many members of the Fort Collins community, as well. A BIG thanks to Lions Dale and Ray for organizing and to all our breakfast crew members!!

Bingo is still charging full steam ahead!! Under the leadership of Lion Harold, our foundation is able to fund our service to others! Faye and her team continue to help the adults with vision testing … nice! Lion Carole has been busy scheduling for KidSight and she and her hard working team start hitting the schools this month. The CSU club cannot seem to keep itself running. Lions Bob and Dave (thanks guys for all your time and efforts) have given it a very good ‘ole college try. They get things going, but the students graduate and go on to other things and can’t keep it going.

As announced, Lions now has another major project to help with…diabetes. We accepted Helen Keller’s challenge to help the blind and now, we also are going to help with combating diabetes. Sunday, September 30th, Lions need help at the first District 6NE Lions “Sneaker Stroll” against this terrible disease. So put on your sneakers, stroll out to Brush, and help with the walk on the 30th!!

I can’t believe it is September already. Christmas is just around the corner. A lot will be happening, so don’t miss a minute of the fun and work as “we serve!” And we cannot forget the work and time Lion Susan does for our newsletter.

Thanks to all the hard workers of the FC Pride!   Lion Strong, Lion Prez Denise

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Lion Tamer Fun

Lion Tamer John McLaurin has been keeping the club on its toes with fun challenges to keep our members on their toes at our meetings! July 19, 2018 was HAT DAY at Lions Club and members without hats were fined! Lions Tales article divider

August 30 was Mustache Day!

Most of our members had to resort to fake mustaches, but we do have a few that can sport the real thing! Those without their mustache faced a fine!
Nancy Walthers and Harold Hartman
Nancy Walthers and Harold Hartman

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New member, Mike Walther, was inducted into the club in early July. His sponsor is Nancy Walther.
New member, Mike Walther, was inducted into the club in early July. His sponsor is Nancy Walther.

Recycle your old plaques and Lions Items !!!

Do you have ANYTHING “Lion” that you are just not using anymore (shirts, hats) and you want to recycle it?  How about old plaques and trophies? That’s right, take all those items that are lying in the closet or in a drawer and bring them to one of our meetings. We will recycle hats and shirts to our members and plaques and trophies to O’Dea and/or Lopez Elementary. The elementary schools will use the “base” of the plaque and then will only need to purchase their engraved parts to save them money. If you are bringing in a plaque, take your “award” engraved part off and keep that. It’s a win-win! Lions Tales article divider
Are you having transportation problems to the weekly luncheons?  Let us know and we will see if we can arrange some rides for you. Please contact President Denise.
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AUGUST 26, 2018 Lions Club Picnic

We want to give a great BIG lion ROAR of “well done” to Chair Lion Rusty! Nicely done! Thanks also to Lions Irene, Dale, Edna, Bob, Carole, Nancy, Sue and Tobey, for assisting with the setting up, cleanup, and games. Some members tested their skills at the corn hole game while others enjoyed visiting together at Edora Park. After our delicious BBQ and potluck dinner we played Bingo and had cash prizes!! It’s great to be a Lion! Lions Tales article divider


Saturday, August 25, was one of our “famous” pancake breakfasts to support the Poudre Library District, at the Fort Collins Comic Con.”  We want to give a big thanks to Lion Dale and Ray for setting this event up and thanks to our “pancake team”: Lions John, Bob, Nancy, Laney, Melody, Faye, Denise, Susan and “In Training Lions” Ed and Mike! We also had help from our Lion cubs, Sophia and Zach. These folks LOVE our pancakes! These folks LOVE our pancakes!Lions Tales article divider Halloween Eye Ball 2018 What: The Halloween Eye Ball is a Halloween-themed event where costumes and spooky fun are encouraged! When: Friday, October 26, 2018, from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. MT. Where: Agave Room in Fort Collins located at 149 W. Mountain Ave. (Above the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant) Ticket Price: $50, which goes to Ensight Skills’ services and programs For the past five years, more than 500 people have attended this exciting event in northern Colorado. Also, in the past four years, Ensight experienced an average 15-percent increase in clients who receive direct services from Ensight! Every dollar allows Ensight’s team of low-vision professionals to provide education and training specific to low vision and the community. Consider getting friends together and attending the event! Lions Tales article divider Fort Collins Lions,
Savanah Overturf was able to attend camp with a scholarship from our club
Savanah Overturf was able to attend camp with a scholarship from our club
Thank you for supporting the Colorado Lions Camp! This summer we served over 318 campers with varying disabilities from age 8 to senior adult. Our camp program is the highlight in these camper’s lives. To many, this is their Christmas, their birthday, and even their vacation, all rolled into one. A large number of our campers that attend camp only receive $73.00 a month to cover their basic living expenses and many of them use a portion of those funds to attend camp.  Over 80% of our campers require some form of financial assistance to attend camp, and with our hard working Lions like your club, they are able to attend one of our residential camp programs. Thank you again for supporting the Colorado Lions Camp!    
This was Savanah’s third time at camp and she loves going!
This was Savanah’s third time at camp and she loves going!
Colorado Lions Camp Staff Jodi, Michelle, Kurt & Mary Colorado Lions Camp Lions Tales article divider NOVEMBER 15 will be our “Shoebox” day at club.  Our goal is to fill 48 or MORE shoeboxes to be donated to Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child.  We have 42 of the pre-printed boxes that were donated to us from another group. We will also have some shoeboxes that have been covered with Christmas wrapping paper which are a little larger to fill to make 48. We have had good response so far on items needed to fill the shoeboxes.  We have split the boxes into the following age groups: Girls 2-4 years old – 7 boxes              Boys 2-4 years old – 7 boxes Girls 5-9 years old – 9 boxes              Boys 5-9 years old – 9 boxes Girls 10-14 years old – 8 boxes          Boys 10-14 years old – 8 boxes If you would like to donate items, and let us know what you are planning to purchase so we don’t end up with too many of one item and not enough of the others! Lion Sue Yadon – 217-7552 or Lion Laney Monak – 215-9999 We do NOT need any more: Markers – 36 COMPLETE Crayons – 36 COMPLETE Scissors – 36 COMPLETE Erasers – 36 COMPLETE Glue Sticks – 36 COMPLETE Ballpoint Pens – 36 COMPLETE Soap – 48 COMPLETE Toothbrushes – COMPLETE We still need: Wash cloths – 22 Combs – 18 for boys Hair brushes – 22 for girls Water bottles – 38 (Walmart has for about $1.00) STILL NEED WOW ITEMS – All age groups Assortment of these items to fill 48 boxes:   It would be great to have a few of these items for each box. WOW items include Toys: small soccer ball with pump, toys (puppets, trucks, etc.), doll (baby, Barbie, etc.) toy cars, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls, toys that light up and make noise (with extra batteries), musical instruments, puzzles Clothing:  Shoes, flip-flops, t-shirts, underwear, hats, mittens/gloves School Supplies: notebooks, paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books, small backpacks Accessories: T-shirts, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries), etc.

Lions Tales, May/June, 2018

President’s Message

Hi Fellow Lions of Fort Collins,

Summer is here and there are a lot of activities that we are involved in.  Whether it’s working at our pancake breakfasts or getting involved in our picnic or another activity…we’ve got things for you to do.

As we start our new year it’s time to commit to at least one, hopefully two or three, committees within our club.

We ALL have a big job ahead of us this year.  We ALL need to help increase our membership.  The easiest way you can help…find a friend or an acquaintance that may be interested in becoming a Lion. Then let us know and we’ll get them to one of our luncheons.  Let’s get back to the years when we had 100+ members.

We hear you about getting back to weekly luncheons.  Hopefully, good news will be forthcoming!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our annual picnic!!  We had two sites to choose from and those present at the June 7th meeting, voted to have it at one of our city parks.

Remember, if you have a comment, suggestion or question, you can tell me personally or put it in our Suggestion Box at the luncheons.  The Suggestion Box is completely anonymous and all will be answered.


Lion Strong,
Lion Prez Denise

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2018-2019 Board of Directors

2018-2019 Board of Directors
2018-2019 Board of Directors
Lion Rusty received a Centennial Award
Lion Rusty received a Centennial Award

New Members

New Members, Darlene Sanderson and Chris Smith were inducted into the Club on May 17, 2018 by Lion Ron Lockner.  WELCOME!

Ron Lockner, Darlene Sanderson, Darlene’s sponsor, Alan Beatty, and Chris Smith
Ron Lockner, Darlene Sanderson, Darlene’s sponsor, Alan Beatty, and Chris Smith

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Project Smile

Houska Automotive is generously opening their garages for an evening of live music from the Blues DoGS, tasty bites, drinks, a silent auction, kids’ activities and more. This family-friendly event is FREE to attend, and donations will be accepted at the door. Plan to join us on
July 14th from 5:30 – 9:00 PM at Houska Automotive.

The funds raised at this event will be allocated to Project Smile & Vision, ChildSafe, Coats & Boots, and Super Hero Underwear. Each of these charities performs truly remarkable work to serve underprivileged or abused children in our community. 

The money raised for Project Smile & Vision will be used to further our work to:

Provide lifesaving dental and vision treatment to kids in need in the Poudre School District

Educate kids and their parents on the importance of dental and vision care

Supply schools and families with dental supplies to prevent tooth decayLions Tales article divider

Rockies Baseball Game – May 9, 2018

Eighteen Lions and friends attended the Rockies baseball game on May 9. Lion Dale Edwards even got to have a birthday cupcake! Everyone had a great time; think about joining us next year!
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History Corner, Lions Club History

In 1917, a Chicago insurance agent named Melvin Jones convinced his business luncheon club, the Business Circle of Chicago, that it should ally itself with other independent clubs to form a national organization that would be dedicated not only to networking for business and social purposes, but also to the improvement of the community as a whole. Among the groups invited was the Association of Lions Clubs, headquarted in Evansville, Indiana and led by Dr. W.P. Woods.  The Business Circle and other clubs agreed to rally under the Lions name, and a convention was called for October in Dallas, Texas. Thirty-six delegates representing 22 clubs from nine stated heeded the call, approved the “Lions Clubs” designation and elected Woods as the first president. Guiding force and founder Jones was named acting secretary; thus beginning an association with Lions that ended only with his death in 1961.

Community leaders soon began to organize clubs throughout the United States. The association became “international” with the formation of a club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1920. Clubs were later organized in Mexico, China, and Cuba. Today there are over 1.3 million members in more than 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographic areas.  Our Fort Collins Lions Club was chartered May 8, 1920.

(Taken from Lions Club International Welcome booklet)

The Fort Collins Lions Foundation

The Fort Collins Lions Foundation, the Foundation, was incorporated on December 11, 1967. The Foundation is an IRS qualified nonprofit, charitable organization disbursing funds for sight, hearing, youth, diabetes, scholarships, Ensight Skills Center and other benevolent causes. Gifts, memorials and donations are tax deductible.

Our Foundation has over $450,000 in our permanent endowment fund. Only the investment income earned will be spent.

The Foundation is managed by a board of nine Trustees, elected to a three year term by the club membership. Each trustee may serve no more than two consecutive terms. The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Thursday of every other month beginning in January. All members of the Fort Collins Lions Club are members of the Fort Collins Lions Foundation and are welcome to attend the regular meetings of the board. A meeting of all the members of the Foundation is held annually in July of each year.

The minutes of each meeting are recorded by the Foundation Secretary and disbursed to all of the Trustees. These minutes are available to all members of the club upon request.

For further information or to share your ideas, you are welcome to contact any member of the Board of Trustees.

Lion Ron Lockner
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Lopez Elementary Lighthouse Leadership Team

The student Lighthouse Leadership Team from Lopez Elementary School (4th and 5th graders) we the speakers at our April 5 meeting. The team of Brady and Julliet presented a slide program on a project to build a handicap accessible area at their school. The program was in connection to the Pancake Breakfast fund raiser which was served by our club and held on May 5.

Lion Ray Tjalkens, Mike, and John McLaurin and his son, John, cooking for the Lopez pancake breakfast
Lion Ray Tjalkens, Mike, and John McLaurin and his son, John, cooking for the Lopez pancake breakfast

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Lion Adam Taghavi stopped in to visit our Bingo workers, while he was back from Maryland. He is pictured with Lions Irene Tolilver and Harold Hartman. We miss you, Adam!

Lions Tales article dividerWhooooo doesn’t like a picnic?

Bring your friends,
bring your children,
their children,
and their children.

Bring Prospective Members, Bring your Neighbors.

Thursday, August 16
Edora Park
1420 Stuart Street
5 pm to 7:30 pm

Our Lions Club has the best! Best Venue, Best Cooks, The most comradery.

There will be a sign-up sheet at club, or contact Lion Rusty for more information.
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Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

While it is only June, the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox project is just around the corner. We will fill boxes in November, but the back to school sales will be starting in July and August. We will order Operation Christmas Child cardboard boxes which measure 11.25 x 6 x 4.25. You may, however, wrap your own shoebox with Christmas paper, or use a plastic shoebox.

Last year we donated 48 boxes. This year we will be filling about 50 boxes and can use donations of school supplies, toiletries, and WOW items.  We will have a sign-up sheet in the coming months but these are some of the items needed for the boxes:

NEED:  Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, ballpoint pens, crayons (boxes of 24), colored pencils, markers, glue sticks (NOT liquid glue), solar powered calculators, index cards, safety scissors (blunt), pencil cases, and small backpacks.  WOW items we include are stuffed animals, small toys, clothing, baseball caps, flashlights & batteries. We also include bars soap, hairbrushes or combs, washcloths, and toothbrushes.

Age categories are:
Girls 2-4, Girls 5-9, Girls 10-14
Boys 2-4, Boys 5-9, Boys 10-14

For more information about Operation Christmas Child, here is a link to their website:

If you have questions, please contact Lion Sue Yadon or Lion Warren Mauk.
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O’Dea Elementary Pancake Breakfast – Children’s Triathlon

On Saturday, June 2, our pancake crew was on duty at O’Dea Elementary School prepping and cooking pancakes, sausages, along with juice and coffee for the participants in their Children’s Triathlon and Family Fun Run. We served about 350 people! Way to go Lions!!!

Lions Tales, January/February, 2018

President’s Message

Fellow Lions,

As I near the end of my time as your president, I must admit, I am humbled by your support and dedication to our club. Our membership has faced many challenges this past year from a declining roster to moving venues and everything that came with that move. I want to thank everyone who helped to make that transition as smooth as possible.  A big thank you to Lions Tobey and Sue for all your work, even while you were supposed to be relaxing on vacation! Lion Denise, this club is in excellent hands with your coming leadership. My presidency was only made possible because of the outstanding leadership that so many of you display. For that, I am grateful.

I want to take a minute to discuss membership. It is a painful thing. Every club ever created seems to be dealing with membership woes. What will work to recruit? Who should we recruit? How shall we get the word out? When is the right time to approach new members? Where can we find them? These questions have many answers. I want you all to remember that by simply sharing your passion for service and Lions, people will listen. The right time is now, the right place is where ever we are. The right person is whoever you are talking to. My years as a development director have taught me that the worst someone can say is NO! Share your stories with friends and family. Share a service project with someone at a work meeting. Tell your children and grandchildren how many people have benefitted from our clubs philanthropy and community projects. Don’t give up Lions. We are a part of the largest service organization in the world!! We are awesome! So let our community hear us ROAR!

It has been an honor to serve my club. Until 2020 when I can serve again as your president, I anxiously await Lion Denise and Lion Dale’s terms. I have no doubt that you will guide them to be wonderful leaders.

Your Fort Collins Lions Club president,
Melody Bettenhausen

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Valentine Party

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Lions Speech Contest “What Social Issue Presents the Greatest Challenge to Future of the USA?”


Lion President Melody Bettenhausen, Jackson Littlewood (3rd), Bernard Lacey, (1st), Xutao Ho (2nd) and Lion Irene Toliver, Speech Contest Chair.
Lion President Melody Bettenhausen, Jackson Littlewood (3rd), Bernard Lacey, (1st), Xutao Ho (2nd) and Lion Irene Toliver, Speech Contest Chair.

The three Poudre School District speech contest participants presented their views on the topic of this year’s speech contest topic. Our club winner, Bernard Lacey, advanced to the District 6NE Convention where he placed third. District speech contest participants in order of placing and monetary awards received:

1st–Andrew Littlefield, New Raymer Prairie Lions Club, $300
2nd–Quinton Draegert, Brush Lions Club, $250
3rd–Bernard Lacey, Fort Collins Lions Club, $200
4th–Ashwini Strestha, Gill Lions Club, $150
5th–Michelle Morgan, Longmont Columbine Lions Club, $100
6th–Sudikshya Bhatt, Longmont Himalayan Lions Club, $100
7th–Jadin Schiers, Fort Lupton Lions Club, $100
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Melvin Jones Fellows Recipients

The fellowship, which was created in 1973, takes its name from the founder of Lions Clubs International (LCI), Melvin Jones. It is an honor – not an award. The fellowship was established as LCIF’s highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service. $1000 has been donated to LCIF in each recipient’s name.


Laney Monak received a Melvin Jones Fellowship.
Laney Monak received a Melvin Jones Fellowship.
Lion Wayne presented Missy Ackerson with a Melvin Jones
Lion Wayne presented Missy Ackerson with a Melvin Jones
Lion Denny Moyer received a Centennial Pin for her work with the club.
Lion Denny Moyer received a Centennial Pin for her work with the club.

Lions Tales article dividerNew Member

New member, Rachel Metzgar is inducted into the club. Ray Tjalkens is Rachel’s sponsor.
New member, Rachel Metzgar is inducted into the club. Ray Tjalkens is Rachel’s sponsor.

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Lions attend the District 6NE Convention on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lions Alan Beatty, Melody Bettenhausen, Faye lockner, Denise Clynes, Ron Lockner, Carole Kitchell, Speech Contestant Bernard Lacey, Irene Toliver, Bob Kitchell, Tom Toliver
Lions Alan Beatty, Melody Bettenhausen, Faye lockner, Denise Clynes, Ron Lockner, Carole Kitchell,
Speech Contestant Bernard Lacey, Irene Toliver, Bob Kitchell, Tom Toliver

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It’s Pancake Breakfast Time!

Each year the Fort Collins Lions Club reaches out to the Fort Collins vicinity to assist many non-profit agencies and organizations in their fund raising activities with our Pancake Breakfasts. Working with Bill Funke, as a co-coordinator for the Breakfast, we have the following groups scheduled for the next coming months:

May 5 – Lopez Elementary School – Special Needs Playground Project
June 2 – O’Dea Elementary – Children’s Triathlon
August 25 – Poudre Library District – Fort Collins Comic Con

We will be looking to schedule breakfasts in July and September, will let you all know the dates.

Please sign up for helping at these events. All setups for the breakfast start at 7:00 a.m.!

The Pancake Breakfasts are a great way to say “WE SERVE.”

Thank you,
Lion Dale Edwards

Lions Tales article dividerApril 28 – The United Way of Larimer County – Volunteer Recognition Pancake Breakfast


Lions Tales, November-December, 2017

President’s Message

Happy Holidays Lions!

This the most wonderful time of year! And I know many of you feel the same way I do. It’s a blur of sugar, friends, family, and holiday cheer (and don’t forget the Christmas tunes). It really is my favorite time of year and I look forward to hearing about your plans and activities to celebrate. For me, this is a special time of year because we, as a society, open our hearts more at Christmas time. We stop the daily hustle and bustle long enough to count our own blessings. We take the time to consider our neighbors, our distant family members, our lifelong friends, and our community. If you ask me, this is the majority of what makes up Christmas magic – taking that time to spread cheer and goodwill toward our fellow humans. When you do that, anything is possible.

I am so proud of all the work that our Fort Collins club is doing to spread good will! From ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, to providing enough toys and home goods for 40+ boxes for Operation Christmas Shoeboxes, to sharing a toy at our annual Christmas party, as Lions, you know the importance of giving. Over the years, you Lions have taught me the meaning of giving in my community. Over the years, I will share with my own children what you all have taught me. The cycle will continue.

This holiday season, as we continue to spread joy and the message of Lions, may we all remember the mission of Lionism, “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.” Together, we Lions can change the world.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Lion President Melody Bettenhausen
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“The Future of Peace” was the theme of the 2017-18 Peace Poster Contest.

Fort Collins winners were Maize Docstater (center) – 1st Place, Emma Johnson – 2nd Place, and
Heather Bunn – 3rd Place.

Lions Tales article dividerDIABETES COMMITTEE

On Veterans Day, November 11, our Lions Club and Ensight shared an information booth at the annual Diabetes Update, held by UC Health in Fort Collins. There were almost 200 people in attendance to learn the latest information on living a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. Our club provided a $500 grant to help support the event. The funds were used to provide cookbooks and other educational materials for gift baskets and Medical ID bracelets for newly diagnosed diabetics. Lions Judy Coker-Blaa and Wayne Crownhart, along with Ensight’s Lynda McCullough staffed the table and handed out literature for both our organizations. Our club has supported the Diabetes Update for several years.
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Veteran’s Day Celebration at the Senior Center

The annual Golden K Kiwanis Veteran’s Day Breakfast held at the Senior Center was on Saturday, Nov. 11, from 7-10 am. The food was delicious, the service prompt, decorations were colorful and the program was interesting. CSU students posted the colors at 8 am. Music was provided by Lion Kathy Connolly and her band. They played songs from all branches of service, several country patriotic songs, and then a variety of country, jazz and rock. This is Lion Kathy Connolly’s second year performing at the event.

Lion Kathy Connolly and her band performed
Lion Carrie Graves and her granddaughter having fun
Lion Carrie’s granddaughter

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Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Once again Lions helped the Salvation Army by ringing bells at the Magnolia Street Walmart on Saturday, December 2. The weather was fantastic and people were generous. We had to try to stuff the money into the kettles by the end of the day! A special thanks goes to Lion Neal Hopkins for organizing the event.


Bell ringers included Lions Wayne Crownhart, Carrie Graves, Lauren Hopkins, Neal Hopkins, Carole Kitchell, Bob Kitchell, Ray Tjalkens, Nancy Walther, and Susan and Tobey Yadon.

Bob Kitchell
Nancy Walther
Sue Yadon
Neal Hopkins and Tobey Yadon

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2017 Christmas Party – December 11, 2017 – Midtown Arts Center

Funke Trio
Funke Trio


Toys and food donations for the Salvation Army
Melvin Jones winner John Owen, Progressive Melvin Jones winners, Melody Bettenhausen, Ray Tjalkens, and Irene Toliver, presented by Lion Tom Toliver