Lions Tales, January/February/March 2017

President’s Message

Our Lion Tom Toliver has recently been struggling with new health issues. Please keep him and Irene in your thoughts and prayers.

Let me say thank you to our members who accepted leadership positions in our club and are standing for election this week. Not only club officers, but also to all that will serve on committees during our next Lion’s year.

As I am writing this, I am awaiting a message back from the head of Parks and Recreation for the City, with some clarification on how we may move forward with our assistance in reestablishing the train in City Park. He left me a message about 10 days ago, before leaving for vacation last week. In that message he indicated that he had spoken with city management about naming rights for the train and thought we would be quite pleased with what they were prepared to offer. He was circulating his proposal to his department heads for review and promised to get back with us this week.

Recently, I have been reminded that, although we have done many worthwhile projects and contributed to a wide range of charitable efforts, we have not done a single, large project since our Habitat House build 15 years ago. Not only should the City Park Train project be a great contribution to the City, as our Centennial Legacy Project, but it will be a large financial commitment we can all get behind, much like that house build.

At our last Club Board of Directors meeting the decision was made to move forward with the Cycle for Life Project. I had emailed this projects website information to all members, asking for their review of how this will work for our club. At this time, I would like everyone interested in helping with this to let me know, so a working committee can be formed before we proceed with this. Several members have expressed their interest, but more people need to get involved. If you have questions about how you can help, please ask me about the various needs. We will not go forward with this until we have a sufficient number of Lions willing to help.

Our Bingo fundraising continues to be very successful, but as Harold keeps reminding us, we struggle to have the necessary number of workers. Please consider adding your name to his list of regular volunteers–free training provided!

As a celebration of all we have accomplished together this year, Jan and I would like for you all to join us for a BBQ at our home, 4:00 Saturday afternoon, May 20. Spouses/families welcome. Mark your calendars now.

Proud to be your Centennial President—
Wayne Crownhart
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This year’s 9Health Fair is April 28th and April 29th.  It is at the Christ Community Center, 2700 Lemay, Fort Collins, from 7 a.m. to noon.  Please mark your calendars!

This year we are adding Miramont Lifestyle Fitness on the second floor.  They will be providing a Fitness Festival with ongoing activities.

Please go to to sign up to volunteer.  It is important that EVERYONE sign up, if you can.  That is how Kathy can keep track of where we are on volunteer numbers.   This is a brand new website and it has a few glitches.  When you sign up, it does not let you do multiple days.  So, just sign up and we will sort the “one dayers” out later.

Thanks for all you do!  Without your many volunteer hours this project could not succeed!

Jan Kuhnen
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Lorraine Perry recently spoke on Jacob Sheep; Conserving an Endangered Breed. She talked about Jacob Sheep and why she decided they were the right breed for her!

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Instead of a drawing for prizes, one lucky winner will receive cold, real cash!!!! Tickets will still cost $1 each and you may buy as many as you want. Special deal…6 tickets for $5. However many tickets are sold, one lucky person will win half of the total $ collected. Example: We sell 50 tickets; the lucky winner will take home $25! The other half ($25) will go to the Club.
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Valentine’s Day Party

Master of Ceremonies for the Valentine’s Day luncheon at the Midtown Arts Center.
Master of Ceremonies for the Valentine’s Day luncheon at the Midtown Arts Center.
Lion Judy Coker-Blaa received a Melvin Jones Fellow Award from Lion President Wayne Crownhart.
Lion Judy Coker-Blaa received a Melvin Jones Fellow Award from Lion President Wayne Crownhart.






Lion Nancy Walther received a Melvin Jones Fellow Award.
Lion Nancy Walther received a Melvin Jones Fellow Award.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is named for Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs International. This award is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism.

Musical entertainment at the luncheon was provided by the Dixieland group from Glenn Shull’s New Horizon Band.
Musical entertainment at the luncheon was provided by the Dixieland group from Glenn Shull’s New Horizon Band.


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Speech Contest Winners

Lion Irene Toliver coordinated the annual speech contest. Pictured with Lion Irene are high school students, David Leo and Aiden Dykstal. The topic this year was “What Is Your Passion and How Will It Contribute to a Changing World?” Aiden was the first place winner and received $200 and he will go on to the District competition. David placed second and received $150.

Aiden Dijkstal and David Leo, with Lion Irene Toliver.
Aiden Dijkstal and David Leo, with Lion Irene Toliver.






Each District will have a different contest because of not having District Conventions this year. Our District contest will be held on April 22, 2017.

Each District winner will go on to the State convention which will be held at the Double Tree Hotel, Greenwood Village on May 20, 2017. The contest will be at 1:45 pm on May 20th.

The winner of this contest will receive a $500 cash award, second place will receive $400, third and fourth place will receive $250.
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Or it at least funds all of the activities in which our club is involved! Did you know our club runs TWO Bingo sessions every week? One of them is Tuesday night at 7:00 pm and the other is Friday morning at 11:30 am. We need more helpers to continue this fantastic fundraiser. Worker time commitments are about four hours per session, although it does vary. Please consider giving the gift of your time as part of your Lion’s service. We raise over $100,000 every year which funds all of our activities! No experience necessary – we will train you for any position!

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It’s Almost Pancake Breakfast Time!




Our first pancake breakfast of the season is coming up on Saturday, May 5. It will be to benefit the United Way of Larimer County.  Mark your calendars now and come out to help serve the community … and have some tasty cakes!
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Socks, socks, socks!!!


Following a recent presentation by the Murphy Center and Homeless Gear Fort Collins, Lion Carrie Graves spearheaded a drive to collect socks for the homeless.In one week, our club brought in several bags of socks with more to come which will be donated to Homeless Gear Fort Collins.   Thank you Lion Carrie for your efforts to serve our community and thank you, fellow Lions for your generosity!

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July 19, 2017 – Game starts at 1:10 PM
Rockies Baseball vs San Diego Padres
We will try to get the Salvation Army Bus or we will car pool to Denver. We will probably leave around 11:15 am.
Total price including ticket, transportation and parking will be $15!
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Environmental Committee

Spring is in the air and there will be lots of opportunities to help with the Environmental Committee coming up. Watch your email for events!
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New Lions Project   – First Class Scholars

The Fort Collins Coloradoan started a program in conjunction with the University of Northern Colorado offering scholarships to students who will be the first generation in their family to attend college. You can read more about it here: .  During the first year, students will be receiving a little more than $2,000 from the Coloradoan and $1,085 from UNC (if they attend UNC) for their first year of college.

Our Fort Collins Lions Club recently voted to give each student a $1,000 Second-Year scholarship for their second year of college, regardless of where they choose to attend. To qualify for our Lions Club scholarship, the student must maintain a B average or better their first year and provide transcripts to the Coloradoan, as well as their class schedule for the fall semester of their second year of college.  Our portion of the funding will begin in the fall of 2018, so this will be an event for which we will plan and budget.  This is just another way in which our club serves the youth of our community!



Lions Tales, October/November/December 2016

President’s Message     October – December 2016

As we enter this holiday season we also are approaching the mid-point of our Lions year. We have many successes to be proud of, but we can each look for ways to help make our club better and stronger. Getting and retaining good members seems to always be our number one challenge–what can you do to help us get one new member?

Through Doug Hutchinson’s efforts and with the support from our City Manager, Darin Atteberry, we have received many ideas for a club Centennial Legacy Project. Tobey, Doug and I have met with several city employees from different departments to discuss some of the ideas the City presented. It was our feeling that supporting the reestablishment of the City Park Train was the best choice for us to pursue and I have brought this idea to both the Club Board of Directors and the Foundation Board. Both boards have encourage us to proceed with city personnel to more clearly define how we might help fund this effort and, most importantly, receive significant and ongoing recognition for the Fort Collins Lions Club.

At our most recent Club Board meeting, we also approved working with the Coloradoan newspaper to provide additional scholarship support for their “First Class” project. The Coloradoan and other supporters have provided $1000 scholarships to 12 Fort Collins students whom are the first in their family to attend college in the fall of 2017. Our scholarship would provide $1000 to each of these students who remain in school and have maintained a 3.0 or better grade point average.

Our continued success with Bingo enables us to undertake projects like these. If you are not a regular Bingo worker, please consider helping us as you are able. Many of our members work many sessions every month and we are entering a time when some workers travel or have less time to help.

At our Holiday Party, on December 12th, several members received awards from the club. First VP Melody Bettenhausen and Jaye Leazer were presented with Melvin Jones Fellowships. Faye Lockner and Sue Yadon received Progressive Melvin Jones Awards. My congratulations to these hard-working Lions.

As Christians celebrate Christmas, I would ask us to remember that in America, where we may freely worship as we wish, we are a nation made up of people of many faiths and races with heritages from around the world. At this time, when the world is undergoing changes in leadership, and moral questions are raised, let’s remember that, as Lions, we share a common bond with over 1.4 million Lions around the globe, of many different religions, who work in their communities for good through service to others and share our vision for peace and harmony among all people.

Proud to be your Centennial President–Happy Holidays,
Wayne Crownhart
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Lions Open Space Cleanup – The Environmental Committee

Thank you for helping with the buckthorn removal at the Lions Open Space on Saturday, October 22.  We removed 290 stems of this invasive plant and we couldn’t have accomplished that without the generous time and hard work of the Lions Club!! Removing noxious weeds such as the buckthorn helps the native plants return and restores the ecosystem of that area.  Everything benefits from these efforts!

Nancy Dadisman, Colorado State Forest Service – Volunteer Coordinator

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Teresa Funke honors Lion Bill Funke as Author Visit WWII Honoree

Teresa Funke and Bill Funke
Teresa Funke and Bill Funke

Our club has supported Teresa Funke and her visiting author program for several years. This year, Teresa surprised Lion Bill Funke, by telling his World War II story on her website and printed materials. A copy of the flyer will also be sent to the teacher and students who receive the kit our club funds, so they can learn about the real heroes of WWII. This year we donated $1000 to assist Teresa in her visiting author program. If you would like to read Bill’s story, you can check it out at
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Ensight Halloween Eyeball

Ensight’s Halloween Eyeball raised over $13,000 this year. Folks who attended had a great time – fun, food, and frightful festivities! Put it on your calendar for 2017!!

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The Fort Collins Lions finished our Isle of Capri fundraiser. Over the 6 weeks that we ran the program at our Bingo sessions, we cleared $839.50. This exceeded our goal and will allow us to provide sight exams and glasses for 12 people. During this period, we announced the Isle Casino Hotel raffle to approximately 600 people who attended our bingo sessions and sold 1839 raffle tickets. Thanks to all the Bingo workers who helped make this possible and thanks to the Isle of Capri for donating a suite at their casino and $100 to Farraday’s Steak House!

Lions Tales article dividerPeace Poster Contest

After not having a Peace Poster Contest in our Club for many years, we had a wonderful one this year.  Thank you Denise for doing all the footwork, working with the schools and the Peace Posters were great.  We had 24 Peace posters this year from students at the Kinard Middle school.  Members had an opportunity to view the posters on Monday, October 31, at the Ensight Skills Center and vote on their favorites. Final voting was done at the meeting on November 3 among the top three posters. All of the posters were on display at the November 3 meeting.

The three top posters winners from left to right:  Amanda Harmon (1st), Sara Raines (2nd) and Eva Wang (3rd).  Amanda’s poster will now go to the District. Winners received $100, $75, and $75 respectively from our club.
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Lions Help the PVH Foundation at the Diabetes Update Education Program at UC Health

Our Lions Club contributed $500 to the PVH Foundation to help provide support of the gift baskets and educational materials for those attending. Over 100 people attended and we had a table with Lions and Ensight information for those attending, as well. Pictured are Lions Nancy Walther and Judy Coker-Blaa at the Information Table providing information to an attendee about the Ensight Skills Center. The second picture shows a few of the many gift baskets we helped provide, and the recognition cards which we attached to each basket.
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Kidsight Update

So far this year we have screened 2303 kids during our “Autumn Screening Extravaganza!” Lion Carole Kitchell has several schools lined up for screenings beginning in January. If you would like to be a part of this amazing service project, please contact Lion Carole!
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Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Operattion Christmas Child Shoeboxes
Operattion Christmas Child Shoeboxes

We had another successful year supporting Operation Christmas Child. Our club donated 24 filled boxes and $168 to cover the shipping of the boxes.

This year, Samaritan’s Purse expects to collect 12 million Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts that will be delivered to children in more than 100 countries.

Watch for some exciting changes to this program next year in our club!
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Coats and boots operation at Linton Elementary
Coats and boots operation at Linton Elementary

The North Fort Collins Business Association, in conjunction with Jax, purchased Columbia coats and boots to distribute to needy children in Fort Collins. Our club donates about $1000 to this project which costs about $55 per student. Lion Jim Trupp helps coordinate this project. The program began 11 years ago at Irish Elementary after the business folks learned students from low-income families were showing up to school cold and wet on winter days and not ready to learn. This year, 22 schools and 900 kids were helped. The kids are brought in one by one and assigned an adult volunteer, who help the child select a coat and boots and make sure they fit properly. It is a fun, easy project that only takes a couple hours of your time. Consider volunteering to help next year!
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Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army

Thanks to Lions Nancy Walther and her son, Michael, Wayne Crownhart and his wife, Jan Kuhnen, Irene Toliver, Vic Meline, and Tobey and Sue Yadon for braving the cold weather on Saturday, December 17 for ringing bells for the Salvation Army. This year our club was at King Soopers North and the daytime high temperature was 10 degrees F. Also, a big thanks goes to King Soopers for allowing us to set up in their entryway!

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Christmas Party Fun

This year, 61 Lions and their guests attended the Christmas party held at the Midtown Arts Center. Everyone seemed to enjoy the prime rib dinner and entertainment provided by the Centennial Children’s Choir and a beautiful Christmas story read by Lion Aida Raider. Lions Melody Bettenhausen and Jaye Leazer received Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards and Lions Faye Lockner and Sue Yadon received Progressive Melvin Jones Awards. Members brought toys and food donations for the Salvation Army.

Lions Tales, August/September 2016

President’s Message

Thanks to all the loyal Lions who work to make our Bingo fundraising so successful. We had our best year ever in 2015-16 and that income is what enables us to continue our many great projects serving others in our community. We ARE one of the most respected Lions clubs in Colorado–let’s continue the good work.

We are still working to find a Centennial Legacy project, with Doug Hutchinson having recently met with our City Manager, Darin Atteberry, to seek his help with getting ideas for this. Doug was excited by Darin’s willingness to help us find a need and we will learn more on this very soon.

We continue to work on improving our web site. In this digital age it will increasingly be the first point of contact many people will have with our club. I encourage committee chairs to look at the information about their activities on the site and help us get the content updated. Tobey will make the changes when you get him new information.

We have completed another successful season of Pancake Fundraisers for non-profits in Fort Collins. In addition, the pancake crew helped with cooking lunch at the Ensight Open House for their new facility. I would like to see us try to expand this activity, as we are able, and make a Lions information table a regular part of each event. It will require having a supply of Lions information available with the pancake supplies and a person dedicated to working that table at each event. Your ideas on how we best accomplish this are welcome.

As I look over the many active committees we have in our club I am proud of all we accomplish. We have joined the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, with Denise taking the lead on getting us engaged.  Our support for the Ensight Skills Center is ongoing. KidSight is starting up again, with a new group of kids to help this year. Sight Conservation screens applicants for eye exams and eyeglasses every month. Diabetes committee is working on two new projects. Eyeglass and Hearing Aid collection continues and expands. See Bob McLean’s recent email on opportunities to work with the Environment committee–let’s make sure we are represented at the Lions Park workday on October 22. (The Lions Park on Overland Trail near LaPorte is a good example of what a Legacy project can be. This park was built by LaPorte Lions, over 50 years ago, and still represents the efforts of Lions all these years later!)

As Lions, we know our civic responsibility and the importance of voting. This election brings, not only significant issues at the state and national level, but a very long ballot on local issues. Please study the issues carefully and vote.

Together we can make this Centennial Year truly special for our club, community and world.

Proud to be your Centennial President,
Wayne Crownhart
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Ensight has completed the move to its new location at 1740 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525. The Lions were there to help with the open house on September 10th, flipping burgers and hot dogs, instead of pancakes, helping with tours, and providing music. It was a fun celebration. If you haven’t seen the new facility, stop in soon.

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eyeball-graphicThe Ensight Halloween Eye Ball, presented by the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, will be held Friday October 28th 2016 from 6:30pm until 11:00pm. The Eye Ball will be held at the Agave Room in Old Town Fort Collins. Great auction items include Southwest plane tickets, Broncos gear, CSU Ram (Farewell Hughes Stadium games 5 & 6), wine, tons of local art, gift cards, massages and more! Oh my! Please join us, if you dare. Tickets are $50 and Lion Melody will be auctioning off a ticket for the club raffle.

Melody Glinsman

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Christmas Child

We will be collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child which will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child in early November, so you still have time to get your donation ready. The Club will pick up the $7 costs for shipping the boxes.

You may wrap your own shoebox with Christmas paper or use a plastic shoebox to hold your items. Include toys, stuffed animals, clothing, school supplies, non-liquid hygiene items, accessories, flashlights, etc.  You may also include a personal note and a photo of yourself or your family. If you include your name and address, the child may be able to write back.

Do Not Include
Used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; chocolate or food; out-of-date candy; liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans.

Be sure to label your box – you can use a sticky note and we can add the official labels later.

Girls 2-4, Girls 5-9, Girls 10-14
Boys 2-4, Boys 5-9, Boys 10-14
For more information about Operation Christmas Child, here is a link to their website: Operation Christmas Child

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Kidsight LogoKidsight Committee
The Kidsight screening committee is off to a busy start this year. Through September, 455 children have been screened and many more are scheduled for October and November. If you are interested in helping with this worthwhile committee, contact Lion Carole Kitchell for more information.
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eyeglassesEyeglass Collection

Thanks to all the participating collectors, I have just finished boxing 1350 prescription eyeglasses.  Keep up the good work!

President Wayne is making labels to add to the collection boxes to remind people to also donate hearing aids.  While adding the new label, please check to be sure your name and phone number are on the box.

We also have one location in Estes Park where we collect glasses and hearing aids. If you happen to be heading that direction, please give Ray a call and offer to pick glasses up while you are there – it only takes a minute!

Many thanks!!
Lion Ray Tjalkens
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Lion Aida Raider will be traveling to Cuba October 30 to November 6 on a mission trip. Please keep Aida in your thoughts and prayers as she serves others with her ministry.
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Environmental Committee

The newly formed Environmental Committee includes members: Bob McLean, Rusty Holsten, Dale Edwards, Carole Kitchell, and Aida Raider.

Bob has been active supplying members with volunteer opportunities in northern Colorado. If you are interested in helping with any of the projects, be sure to keep an eye on your email and mark your calendars.

This is a link to some of the upcoming activities.
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The pancake breakfast crew had a busy summer and finished the season off by serving cakes for the Poudre Fire Authority on Saturday, September 17. It was the first year for the Fire Authority breakfast and they had more than 100 attendees. They were able to raise almost $600 which they will use for life-saving smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as well as other materials that help promote safety and well-being in our community. Thanks to all the Lions Club volunteers who have helped this year make our service to other groups possible!

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Lions Club
is moving …


Beginning December 1, we will be meeting in the Foxtail Room at the Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive, Fort Collins, 80526. All Occasions Catering will be providing our meals the first three Thursdays of each month. Subsequent meals will be a “box-lunch” type of meal with a sandwich (Subway, Jimmy Johns, etc.), chips, dessert, and drink. We look forward to our getting to know our new location!

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Christmas Party

Monday, December 12
Location – Midtown Arts Center
More details to come