Strawberry CheesecakeThursday is bring a friend to Lions Club day. Actually our friends all know about our Lions obsession and if they aren’t in it with us then they ain’t gonna be anytime soon. ERGO the next available option is to coerce an acquaintance to visit the club. Well, you may prefer another method; sweet talk, strong arm, bribe…

I use the bribe method. Usually the first thing out of my mouth is how great the desserts are at the Columbine Café. Look, we need some young energy and those warm bodies will need a lot of sugar to keep ’em going. Works for me and I expect it should work for you.

OK, so my track record on actual sign-ups is pretty dismal. If I remember correctly, to date it is zero. I’m not proud of it but that notwithstanding I’m not about to throw in the towel. This Thursday I expect to have at least two warm bodies looking for a sugar high, maybe three.