Board Meeting Minutes 7/14/2010



PRESENT:  Ted Blevins, Bill Brenner, Jack Freshwaters, Harold Hartman, Bob Kitchell, Carole Kitchell, Ron Lockner, Vic Meline, Robin Mitchell, Aida Raider and Irene Toliver.

The Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Aida Raider.

MINUTES:  A Motion was made by Carole Kitchell and Seconded by Ted Blevins to accept the Minutes of May 12, 2010 and Special Minutes of May 27, 2010.  The Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Irene passed out the printed Treasurer’s Report that was made by Treasurer Tobey Yadon.  A Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as printed was made by Ron Lockner and Seconded by Bob Kitchell.  The Motion passed.

BINGO REPORT:  Harold Hartman gave the Bingo Report.  There were 30 volunteers that worked 364 hours.  The Profit for June was 7,109.41.  There was discussion concerning the new location.  A Motion was made by Ted Blevins and Seconded by Jack Freshwaters to accept the Bingo Report.  The Motion passed.

SIGHT REPORT:  The Sight Report was given by Aida Raider.  She stated that she needs help on the third Thursday.  There were 23 pairs of glasses purchased for the amount of $1495.00.  Three people were interviewed for Cataract Surgery.  Irene gave Bob a check for $4000 in payment from the RMLEB Surgery fund for one of the patients who have concluded her surgery.

HEARING REPORT:  Bob Kitchell reported he will be doing the interviews for people who need hearing aids and working with Bill Lentz.


MEMBERSHIP:   A Motion was made by Ron Lockner and Seconded by Jack Freshwaters to accept Bob Myers and Mary Vandenberg as new members of our Club.


CABINET MEETING:  DG Ron stated he needed a decision on information for his newsletter on the Cabinet Meeting.  It was decided to order large Sub Sandwiches, potato chips for the Cabinet Meeting and have cakes or cookies donated.  It was also decided that a free will offering will be taken to pay for the cost of the meal.  Ron will let us know how many will be attending.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Reports from Ron informed us that Colorado is being looked at for a Video Presentation at Int. Convention in Seattle.  Service Projects being considered are:  Sight Program, Health Fair and Ensight.  This will be in conjunction with Int. President Sid Scruggs program.

NEW BUSINESS:  Tobey Yadon had a request abut how long the Treasurer’s records should be kept?  A Motion was made by Bob Kitchell and seconded by Ted Blevins: The Financial Records be retained for seven (7) years and the rest be destroyed.  The Motion passed.

EYE GLASSES REQUEST:  Aida read a letter from an Eye Doctor at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado that a person needed special glasses even though the Lions Club had purchased a pair for her last year.  A Motion was made by Ron Lockner and Seconded by Bob Kitchell we purchase the glasses with an understanding we cannot do this each year.  The Motion passed.

–Irene Toliver, Secretary