BOD Minutes for September 2010


Date: September 8, 2010
Location: Ensight Skills Center
Time: 6:00 PM

Board of Directors MeetingPRESENT:
Flash Alexander, Ted Blevins, Harold Hartman, Carole Kitchell, Bob Kitchell, Vic Meline, Aida Raider, Irene Toliver and Tobey Yadon.

The Minutes of August 11, 2010 were approved as printed.  A Motion was made by Tobey Yadon and Seconded by Ted Blevins.  The Motion passed.

Tobey Yadon gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Total Income for July-Aug was $6, 344.29.  Total Expenses were 4,805.03 with a Net income of $1,539.26.  A balance in the checking account is: $3,791.60.  A Motion was made by Bob Kitchell and seconded by Vic Meline to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  The Motion passed.

Harold Hartman gave the Bingo Report.  There were 30 volunteers that worked 352 hours.  The profit for August was $4,923.90.

The Sight Report was given by Aida Raider.  We gave out 26 pair of glasses.  Aida spoke of an incident that happened with a client and a doctor regarding being fitted with glasses.  As a result, the Doctor will no longer be with our program.  The Doctor sent a letter of regret that he could no longer partner with our program.  Aida did call on him personally and also sent cards to each of the other doctors that we partner with and thanked them for their services.

Carole Kitchell reported that working with North Fort Collins Business Association. They checked 208 kids and had 34 referrals at Irish Elementary School.  This was not part of the Kids Sight program but we had committed to help 30 children.

Membership:  Tobey made a motion we put Wayne Cook on the Affiliate list and it was seconded by Ted Blevins.  The Motion Passed.

1.    Committee Descriptions were discussed and it was decided each Committee Chairman get a Job Description to Irene on what their committee does.  This will be valuable to new members.
2.    Vic Meline made a Motion we get an Anne Sullivan Plaque for Heidi Hall for her work on AutoCad at the 9-Health Fair.  It was seconded by Carole Kitchell.  The Motion passed.
3.    Tobey presented the idea that we do not eliminate the Thursday Meeting after Labor Day next year.  The Budget Committee will work with this.
4.    Tobey had suggestions for reaching new members.  One was to place extra Lions Magazines in Doctors offices with labels on them for contact.  Tobey will make the labels.
5.    Tobey suggested we find places to display Bingo Flyers that he has made up.
6.    Flash asked that we form a Web Site Committee and he would be chairman.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:59

Irene Toliver, Secretary