December 2010 Board Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting


December 8, 2010 at Ensight Center at 6:00 PM

PRESENT: Flash Alexander, Ted Blevins, Jack Freshwaters, Harold Hartman, Bob Kitchell, Bill Lentz, Ron Lockner, Vic Meline, Robin Mitchell, Margaret Spiller, Irene Toliver, and Tobey Yadon.

The Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Vice President Ted Blevins.

MINUTES: The Minutes of November 10, 2010 were approved with correction.  A Motion was made by Ron Lockner and seconded by Jack Freshwaters to accept the Minutes.  The Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Tobey Yadon gave the Treasurers Report dated November, 2010.  YTD Income is: $13,108.42, YTD Expenses are: $8,334.01 and Net Income is: $4,774.41.  Balance in Checking is: $6,884.10.  A Motion was made by Robin Mitchell and Seconded by Bob Kitchell to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  The Motion passed.

BINGO REPORT: Harold Hartman gave the Bingo Report.  There were 344 hours given by 28 Volunteers.  The profit for November was: $4,635.25.The number of Players is down but we are still making money.

SIGHT REPORT: Irene stated that 20 pair of glasses was given out at a total of $1300.

MEMBERSHIP: A Motion was made by Tobey Yadon to accept the Transfer of Adam Taghavi as a member of our Club.  He is transferring from Beltsville, MD. It was seconded by Bob Kitchell.  The Motion passed.


1.       Bill Lentz gave the History that led to the Cochlear Implant received by Daniella Hernandez.  He told how the funds were raised for the surgery and  how the funds have been spent for surgery and treatment afterwards.  It was brought to our attention that she will need a new processor.  After discussion, Bill stated he will check with Cochlear on a price before we go any further

2.      Vic Meline will give the Anne Sullivan plaque (that has been long in coming) to Heidi Hall on Dec. 16 or at the first Meeting in Jan.

NEW BUSINESS: Ted Blevins announced that there will be a 5K Run on May 21st as a fund raiser for the Veterans Plaza.  He asked if our Club would have a Pancake Breakfast that day.  It was a consensus that our Club could do that.

Meeting adjourned at 6”45 PM

[box type=”info”]Irene Toliver, Secretary[/box]