Officers & Committees


President: Melody Bettenhausen

1st VP: Nancy Walther

2nd VP: Judy Coker-Blaa

Secretary: Irene Toliver

Ass’t Sec’y: Judy Coker-Blaa

Treasurer: Tobey Yadon

Ass’t Treasurer: Ron Lockner

Lion Tamer: Dale Edwards

Assistant Lion Tamer: 

Tail Twister: Ray Tjalkens

Director: Denise Clynes

Director: Denny Moyer

Director: Dianne Snell

Membership Chair: Dale Edwards

LCIF Chair: Irene Toliver

Chaplain: Judy Coker-Blaa

Raffle: Ray Tjalkens, Nancy Walther

Lions Tales Editor: Rachel Metzgar

Immediate Past President: Dale Edwards

Board of Directors Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month
15 minutes after close of Lions Club Meeting

Bingo Chair
Harold Hartman/Missy Ackerson

Christmas Party Chair
Neal Hopkins

Valentines Party Chair
Neal Hopkins