New Website

A visitor to our club, Flash Alexander (I know, crazy name) complimented us on our fine lunches, particularly your deserts but was not too complimentary when discussion turned to our website. After spending quality time at the Harmony Grill with the club treasurer Tobey Yadon, it was agreed that Flash would register a domain name on our behalf and rebuild our website from the ground up.

Old Fort Collins Lions Club Website ScreenshotTake a look at our old site and tell me if this is an improvement or not. Flash insists the old site could be vastly improved upon. He went on and on about it, maybe because of the large quantities of iced tea he was drinking. I for one find the new site more appealing in an artistic sense; great color pallet, nice font selections and waaaay better organized.

I guess Flash would not mind it if you called him on the phone and inquired about his services. He certainly seems to know what he is doing.